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Albion Online is a medieval sandbox MMO. Albion Online is also the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different devices like Windows, Android at the same time and in the same world!


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Albion Online Galahad Announced Brand-New Gatherer Equipments

The new Galahad update of Albion Online has been out now for about two weeks, so Albion Online have updated some new gears, like the brand new equipment for gatherers released recently.

According to the official notes, gathering in Albion Online require players to go into the open world and face its inherent dangers in spite of it not be commonly associated with combat or gear. Now the developers adds specific equipment with a number of spells to each gathering profession to help them with their profession. Each set consists of four items: a Cap, Garb, Workboots and Backpack. These items are unlocked through the gatherer line on the Destiny Board.

Players can searching for Toolmakers to craft the gear. The four major items can be found under the Armor tab and the Accessories tab. Only the Backpack, which goes into the cape slot, has a passive ability which reduces the weight of its respective resource by a smashing 50%, can be found in the Accessories tab.

The Cap, Garb and Workboots each have one passive spell that increases gathering yield for their respective resource. This means you will have more chance to get extra resources while you are out gathering and have your gatherer gear equipped. On top of their useful passive spell, the Cap, Garb and Workboots each have a set of basic spells as well as a unique spell per gathering profession to choose from:

Cap: Block, Cleanse or profession-based spell

Garb: Mend Wounds, Ambush, Frost Shield or profession-based spell

Workboots: Run, Wanderlust or profession-based spell

Your gathering yield will be increased after equipping an entire set. The bonus gathering yield increases with every Tier.

Tier          Increased Gathering Yield

Tier 4            10%

Tier 5            20%

Tier 6            30%

Tier 7            50%

Tier 8            70%

As the different gatherer equipment sets have their unique spells, here we’ll post the details below.

Collecting Fiber With Harvester Set

Cap – Magic Pollen  Throw out magic pollen which will confuse all enemies around you, making them walk around randomly. Using this spell will also turn you invisible. This invisibility breaks if you receive damage or if you damage someone else.

Garb – Spirit of Vengeance  Apply a shield to yourself, which absorbs damage and lasts for several seconds. As long as the shield is active, your gathering speed is increased. If the shield gets prematurely destroyed it explodes, rooting and dealing damage to all enemies around you.

Workboots – Ethereal Path  Dash towards a target location. During the dash, you are invisible and immune to forced knockback effects. After you arrive at the targeted position, your move speed and maximum load are increased for several seconds.

Chopping Down Trees With Lumberjack Set

Lumberjack Cap – Tree Trunks  Throw out tree trunks behind you. Every enemy hit will be knocked away.

Lumberjack Garb – Purging Shield  Apply a purging shield on yourself, increasing your gathering speed and resistance for several seconds. While the shield is active, enemies lose all positive status effects whenever they damage you.

Lumberjack Workboots – Sprint Shield  Create a shield on yourself that can absorb damage and lasts for several seconds. While the shield is up, your movement speed and maximum load are increased. Attacking someone will remove the shield from you.

Mining Ore With Miner Set

Miner Cap – Motivating Worker’s Song  Remove any movement-impairing effects and make yourself immune to movement-impairing effects for several seconds. This spell does not make you immune to forced movement effects, such as knockbacks.

Miner Garb – Wind Shield  A wind shield surrounds you for several seconds. Every time you receive damage, enemies around you will be knocked back. Additionally, your gathering speed and armor and magic resistances are increased.

Miner Workboots – Flee  Increase your movement speed and maximum load. After activation, you cannot cast spells or attack for a little while.

Gathering Stone With Quarrier Set

Quarrier Cap – Fatigue-Proof  Increase your crowd control resistance for several seconds. Enemies who damage you are slowed. Remember that this slow effect stacks up to nine times.

Quarrier Garb – Flow  Increase your gathering speed for several seconds. Your resistances increase every second (this increase stacks up to ten times).

Quarrier Workboots – Motivating Pain  Increase your movement speed and maximum load for several seconds. Every time you take damage, your movement speed is further increased (this increase stacks up to 5 times).

Hiding In Wide With Skinner Set

Skinner Cap – Bear Trap  Place a bear trap under your feet. The first enemy that walks over the trap is slowed and takes damage over time. Additionally, it reduces the resistances of hide animals.

Skinner Garb – Hide Animal Poison  For the next 40 seconds, all your normal attacks will poison hide animals and deal additional damage over time. This poison does not deal damage to other targets. Additionally, you will receive a shield that increases your resistances and heals you over time.

Skinner Workboots – Scent of the Wilderness  Increase your movement speed and maximum load for several seconds. After activation, you cannot cast spells or attack for a little while. Creatures will avoid attacking you for the entire duration.

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Overview Of Galahad Gatherer Equipment In Albion Online

Last week there was a patch “Galahad” for MMORPG Albion Online, which gave players a new kind of equipment for gatherers. But not all of you have yet managed to evaluate it personally, so today we suggest that you study the developer’s review devoted to this innovation.


You can learn how to get this equipment, what skills and spells you can get with it, how useful such things are at the time of resource collection, whether the appearance of such equipment will be updated in the future, what items the set consists of, etc.

“Cap, Garb and Workboots also have passive skills, increasing the amount of collection of a certain type of resources. This means that now you have a chance to get additional materials if you are dressed in the Gatherer Equipment, and not in ordinary clothes. With the increase in the level of equipment, there is a growing chance of increased resource collection. ”

Read details: “Albion Online Announced New Gatherer Equipments In Galahad


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